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Guide Holiday

With leaders and Guides both making their promises, our 2019 Guide Holiday 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' was a fun time. With girls making their own non-alcoholic cocktails to singing around the campfire and toasting marshmallows, it was a fun get to know you time for everyone.

New Guide Leader makes her promise around the campfire
Carly making her promise as a Guide Leader

What Pack Holidays Deliver

Guides, Brownies and even Rainbows gain a lot of important experiences going away with girlguiding. For some #Rainbows, its the first time being #awayfromhome and most manage pretty well, probably because we wear them out with so many fun activities. #Browniessleepovers enable girls to become more independent and learn new songs, games and activities as well as howe to #washup!. #Guides extend their skills further with cooking meals for the whole group as well as trying new activities that would take too long on a Guide night.

For some girls, its an opportunity to learn new skills such as riding a pushbike

Guide learning how to ride a pushbike
Lou learning to ride her bike

Its a Knockout:

Despite being March, the weather was nice enough to play It's a Knockout outside. This involved lots of water, jelly, baked beans and wellies, you can imagine the mess.

Guide on trolley playing a game in Its a Knockout
Ria having fun


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