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20th Kettering Rainbows

Rainbows start from 4 years old but can join up until they are 7 years old.

Starting in 1992, St. Andrews Rainbows is a flourishing unit and is run by the superb Carly and a fab team of leaders including two young leaders Corrine and Grace. 

Our Rainbow unit is a good place for young leaders to develop their leadership skills and gives the girls brilliant role models.


Our History

24th Kettering Brownies

The Guide Association was started in 1909 and 110 years later it is still a strong organisation that gives girls opportunities to develop and lead.


St. Andrews Brownies started out on  26/4/1953, it has continued its journey and strength for 70 years. This April 2023 is our 70th birthday.

There have been a few leaders over the years as well as program changes but it still keeps the guiding spirit alive at St. Andrews Church. This unit has a thriving team and Julia Grunhill is now the Browne Owl. 

Brownie Uniform History

Guide History

20th Kettering Guides

Guides came about in 1910 and have grown from strength to strength. Guides have enabled many girls to achieve their best at a time when women had little say in their lives.


St. Andrews Guides has had several units opened at different times during its history at St. Andrews however the Monday night group has been in existence since 2002 and has enjoyed many adventures along the way. Kara Earl remains as its original leader since 2002.

Guide Uniform history

Rangers 2023

20th Kettering Rangers

St. Andrews Rangers started in September 2019. It was a new chapter for St. Andrews Guiding and continues to this day. 

Rangers having fun
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