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Brownie Promise

What Brownies Do

Brownies at St. Andrew's, get up to all sorts this can range from Trips, Sleepovers to experiments.

Wicksteads parK.jpg

Wicksteads Park, Kettering

What we did:
  • Let off Steam

  • Played lots of games

  • Bug hunt

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Learn about animals 

  • Explore


Brownies Week By Week
Fun, Friendship, Games, Discover, Create, Experiment and Laugh

St Andrews Brownies have fun playing lots of different games which keep us active and also help the girls to build strong friendships and networks. 

We also plan activities that help the Brownies discover science, designing stuff, other cultures and how to be a good citizen.

Lots of our activities mixing, making, paint, glue and so much more.  

At Brownies, girls make lots of new friends which is really important for their development ad happiness.

Guide Badges.jpg
Brownies Pack Holidays

Brownie pack holiday was spent learning about how each set of fingerprints are unique.


We made our very own James Bond CSI boxes complete with magnifying glass, torch and fingerprint kit.


Brownies played lots of games including laser maze as well as making scanners. They also made their invisible ink to send messages. 

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