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Brownie Activities
What we do!

Brownie Promise

Brownies Week By Week

Fun, Friendship, Games, Discover, Create, Experiment and Laugh

We are not school!

Brownies help girls from the age of 7-10 discover new skills in their own time, and hobbies, and gain new experiences.


Girls learn to work cooperatively in groups which improves social skills and builds strong friendships and networks. 

Activities vary from helping them to discover science, exploring arts, cooking, and designing. They also learn about other cultures, how to be a good citizen, and help one another.

Safety and First aid skills are part of being at Brownies and even map reading. They can earn badges along the way and even work toward their gold award

St Andrews Brownies can be loud and very messy, but they also have lots of adventures, see more here.  

Guide Badges
Two Brownies giving thumbs up
Underground train map
Children painting

Brownies Pack Holidays

Brownie volunteer reading stories to the Brownies
Brownie CSI boxes
Caution tape

Brownie pack holiday was spent learning about how each set of fingerprints are unique.


We made our very own James Bond CSI boxes complete with magnifying glass, torch and fingerprint kit.


Brownies played lots of games including laser maze as well as making scanners. They also made their invisible ink to send messages. 

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