Guides are the next step after Brownies and are for girls aged between 10 and 14 years old.


Girls can start Guides on or after her 10th birthday and stay with us until they are 14/15.  


Patrols are made up of Girlguides working together in small teams, organising activities and making decisions.




Guides when they join our guide unit are given a buddy who will be a friend and look after her for the first few weeks.


Once enrolled, Guides can work on interest or challenge badges, whilst learning new skills.

There is nothing better than being outdoors with a campfire and melting smores! 


Once a year we go on a camp or pack holiday for a whole weekend. That means no parents!


Guides plan their own activities and organise games, midnight feasts and even karaoke. There is off-course the traditional campfire and toasted marshmallows. 




Our Guides like to let off steam playing various games, involving teamwork and often chocolate. 


The guide program includes learning new skills, taking on challenges and helping the community.




We like to try new activities, some have tried swimming and others canoeing.


Ice skating

Bake-offs and cooking often sneak in as not everyone likes the physical stuff.