Guides 'Mug Off'

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On Monday 23rd November, our Guides had a 'Mug Off' over Zoom. This consisted of making Chocolate cakes in a mug and decorating as a Reindeer. 

Those who didnt have the facilities for a mug off,decorated cakes instead and there were some impressive results too

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Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

4 tablespoons of Self-Raising Flour

4 tablespoons of Caster Sugar

1 Egg

3 tablespoons of milk

3 tablespoons of Sunflower oil

2 tablespoons of Cocoa Powder

Vanilla or another flavouring

Chocolate drops or dried fruit

Large white chocolate drops, small dark chocolate drops, a red glace cherry, Curly wurly bits for antlers.


* Warning when taking the cake out of the microwave please wear oven gloves as a mug can be incredibly hot.

Step 1 Mix dried ingredients in a large mug, preferably with a narrower base

Step 2 Add egg to dry ingredients and mix in 

Step 3 Add milk, flavouring and oil to ingredients and mix well, making sure there are no flour lumps left

Step 4 Stir in chocolate or fruit

Step 5 Place mug in the centre of microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes. Take out and check to see if the top is springy.

Step 6 Let cool for 5 mins and gently ease out with an eating knife, on to a place.

Step 7 Place cake on its side, decocrate as in pictures.

Mug cake.jpg