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Brownie Adventures 2023

Brownie Promise

St Andrews Brownies have lots of adventures from Sleepovers at special places, trips to fun attractions, and meet up with other units for fun times. 

Great British Science Museum Brownie Take over October 2023 

What we did:
  • Went on the train to London

  • Visited and slept overnight at the British Science Museum

  • Learned about space 

  • Discovered how astronauts eat in space 

  • Made our promise on the London Eye

  • Read maps

  • Went on the Thames River Cruise

  • Ate Magpie's birthday cake at West minster


Birthday Cake
The British Science Museum
The London Eye
Underground train station
Westminster in London
Thames river boat
London Underground map

 Brownies Take over Corby Gravity  Trampoline park

What we did:
  • Played on the trampolines

  • Slept overnight at trampoline park

  • Got air underneath our feet

  • Made new friends

  • Lost socks

  • Said Goodbye to Magpie who was taking her Rangers to London



Upcoming Events

Harry Potter Studios Visit

Jan 2024

Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Late Spring 2024

Seaside visit

Summer 2024

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