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'Be Well' has been our theme badge this term. As part of this badge girls need to have achieved the following:

  1. One 'Be Well' interest badge e.g. Fitness, Meditation, Mixology or Natural remedies (see Interest Badge pictures)

  2. Be Well activities, these have included ​​​​

    • 'What would you tell the emergency services'​ - 

    • 'Under Pressure' - 26th October

    • 'Take a moment' -

    • 'Solve the Scene' - 

    • 'Temperature Terror' - started w/c 2 November and finishing w/c 8th of November

  3. UMA minutes on Be Well 

If you have not completed these, not to worry you can do some of these in your own time at home, just contact your leader to ask how.

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