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What Rangers Do

Rangers take the lead, responsibility and organise most of their own activities.


Some may decide to become Young Leaders with other units as well as being Rangers, others just stay as Rangers. 

Whichever you choose, you will gain valuable leadership and life skills to help you at Home, School, College, University or work. 


All we ask is you become involved and take part.


Kara, Sue & Vicki 

Ranger Leaders


Challenge Yourself

A crowd of Rangers

Get New Skills

Try New Activities

  • Festivals

  • Internationals

  • Changing a tyre

  • Leading a group

  • Get involved

  • Build & repair

  • Explore

  • Sail

  • Bake/Cook meals

  • Manage money

  • Presentations

the list is as long as your imagination

A Ranger being  interviewed
Group litter picking


There is just so much you can do, but you take the lead organising!!!

Girls on a self made raft
Rangers talking and laughing
Learner plates
A dog
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