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Brownies, Rainbows & Guides make fruit kebabs.

Before the end of last term, both Brownies and Rainbows had great fun making fruit kebabs as well as learning about how each fruit is special for providing different vitamins and minerals. They also learn how important it was to eat to be healthy whilst having the occasional treats. So with fruit kebabs at the ready, ice cream was served to dip and smother the fruit in as well.

We did have to keep in mind that one of our Brownies has a food allergy to pineapple so this was avoided totally, all part of risk assessment plus health & safety.

The Guides also had a go at making their own fruit ice creams, some were successful others more mush than cream, but the important thing was learning how different factors affect making your own ice cream and how so very long it takes. Give the girls their due they did clean up well after themselves.

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