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Rainbows Summer Term 2018

July’s heatwave didn’t stop Rainbows from having a great month! Continuing with their Unicorn Challenge, they visited Rockingham Pleasure Park. Here, they took feather dusters, paper plates, pipe cleaners and colouring pens to make unicorn hobby horses! They took part in a dressage event and then had galloping races around the park! To cool down, the girls created rainbow fruit kebabs and ice cream milkshakes with whipped cream and sprinkles. The decided upon the food they would like for their end of year unicorn-themed party by voting. In unicorn themed outfits, Rainbows saw out the term in style! Following games, food and making edible unicorn horns, Rainbows were awarded their well-deserved Unicorn badge.

Rainbows love earning badges and using their imaginations.

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