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Hurray they have let me have my own page.

Take your pulse before and after each activity and count the number of beats. How many more did you get after your exercise?

Keep a food Diary for a week and see how many fruit and vegetables you ate each day. Did you manage to eat 5?

How to find your pulse

Count how many 'bumps' you can feel in 1 minute. Do it first when you are sitting down or standing still. 

A pug

Why don't you try a new food, you could always mix it with something you like. 

Hi, I am Eddy, if you like trying new things then ask your parent if you can come to Brownies. 

2 People running downstairs

If its raining why not run up and down the stairs. Ask someone to time you and see if you can run faster.

Now go for a walk with someone and see who can walk the fastest between 2 lamp posts. Now try it running backwards, watch you don't trip up

Child riding a bicycle

Riding a push bike and swimming is also really good exercise and so is dancing to your favourite songs.

Why not make up a dance routine to your favourite songs

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