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About the Challenge

This Challenge is based on the TV show the Apprentice.


The aim is to set up a small business selling goods to make a profit.


The profit will be used to finance an adventure of the participants choice, the cost of which will be fully funded by the profit your enterprise makes.


Each business unit must have a Project Manager and will be given £5 start-up funding. Accounts must be kept too.


Hit this link to see what some teens have done - Teen Entrepreneurs

and there are more here




Note to Guides

This is an opportunity discover teamwork, business skills as well how to make a profit.

Let's Get Started

At Guides this week you should have come up with a business idea and a name for your company.


You will also have decided who you are going to sell your products too and what you will need to produce them.


If you were really proactive you may have designed a 

  1. Logo

  2. Colour scheme

  3. Thought about packaging

  4. How you are going to market this product


Want some Ideas?
A dog
A mug
Logo image
A t shirt

Week 2......

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