Girlguiding at St. Andrews


Rainbows Near Me

At St. Andrews Rainbows we discover new activities, games and make new friends.

Rainbows painting

Getting messy is fun, we love creating and painting. We plant, bake and have fun


Brownies Near Me

At Brownies, we explore new challenges, hobbies as well as visiting exciting new places. 

Brownies on Pack Holiday at John Lowther, learning about science.


Guides Near Me

St. Andrews Guides gives girls the opportunity to learn new skills and take part in lots of exciting activities


Rangers Near Me

This September sees our New Ranger Unit opening. Our aim is to enable the girls to lead, develop life skills and independence 

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers

Live, learn and laugh with St. Andrews Girlguiding for

  • Confidence 

  • Friendship

  • Fun & laughter

  • New Activities

  • Experiences

  • Helping Others

  • Independence


Girlguiding - St. Andrews Kettering

All girls are welcome, this is one place that girls of all races, religions, capabilities and disabilities can come together without fear of being discriminated against or judged. 

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