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Girlguiding with St Andrews
 Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, and Rangers Units  
To enable all girls to gain confidence, learn new skills and have fun. 

Rainbows in Kettering
St Andrews Rainbows (4-7 years).
The best way young children learn is by discovery through fun activities and
games. They also earn badges and make new friends.

Brownies Near Me
Brownies (7-10 years) develop social confidence and learn new skills. They go on adventures and meet new people. Many gain their  bronze and silver and gold awards. 

Guides in Kettering
Our guides not only make unusual foods such as butter, fudge, and Pizzas but also learn witling, navigating, and building fires! They also camp, ice skate and much more

Rangers locally in Kettering
Our Ranger Unit prepares young women to be independent and develop life skills, from self-defense to navigation, cooking, and even CVs. They also go to music festivals where they meet new bands.

GG Guides.png

Rainbows, BrowniesGuides, and Rangers

Explore, Experiment, and Evolve with St. Andrews Girlguiding for

  • Confidence 

  • Friendship

  • Fun & laughter

  • New Activities

  • Experiences

  • Helping Others

  • Independence


Girlguiding - St. Andrews Kettering

All girls are welcome, this is one place that girls of all races, ages, religions, capabilities, and disabilities can come together without fear of being discriminated against or judged. 

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