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Can You Solve the Scene? What would you do?


1. Your friend is eating a ham sandwich but doesnt realise it has mustard on it and she is allergic to mustard and carrys an epi pen, what do you do?

Man with peanut allergy

3. Grandma feels faint at Christmas and is very pale, the adults are in the kitchen, what do you do?

Lady falling over

2. Your friends little brother has an Asthma Attack, he is wheezing and coughing a lot, what do you do? You can see an inhaler on the side with a spacer, what do you do?

Child choking

4. A boy is knocked off his bike outside your house, the man has got out of his car but is very pale, what should you do?

car accident-scene


There will be a chat and answers on Monday during our meeting, just have a go and see if you can think about what you could or should do.

Remember: You must protect your own safety when helping with First Aid.

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