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To enable girls to develop their full potential to be the best they can be.


The Girl guide organization is for girls and women of all ages, nationalities, cultures, religion, social group, irrespective of income or ability. 


All girls are welcome, this is one place that girls of all races, religions, capabilities and disabilities can come together without fear of being discriminated against or judged. 

Our purpose is to give our girls a wide and varied program relevant to their age group, with plenty of opportunities to develop life skills that allow them to realise their full potential. 


Each unit is run by experienced leaders who are volunteers themselves and give up their time freely to plan, organise and run activities. They do not receive any payment for the work they do. All of the subscriptions you pay are used for the girls.

Information about online payments for subscriptions coming soon.


Likewise, consent forms in pdf format will be added to this site shortly

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